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Compute Mesh: If the wire diameter and width of opening is known, add both and divide the sum into 1:
    mesh = 1 / (D + O)

    D = wire diameter
    O = opening
Compute Open Area: Determine the percent open area by the following equation:
    % open area = (1 - ND)(1 - nd) x 100

    N - wires per inch in warp
    n = wires per inch in shute
    D = diameter of warp
    d = diameter of shute
Compute Opening: Divide the mesh count into 1 and subtract the wire diameter:
    opening = (1 / N) - D

    N = wires per inch
    D = wire diameter
Products specifications
Item Name Tungsten Screen Plain x 12 in. wide 18 x 18 mesh x 0.003 dia wire
Mesh Wires per Inch 18 x 18
Wire Diameter 0.003
Type of Weave Plain
Width 12
Material Purity Tungsten 99.95% Pure